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Age brings bags and wrinkles

Philosophy on eye care of Ragh Sastry MD is that age brings bags and wrinkles under the eyes and excess folds of skin on the upper lids, which gives the whole face a tired and sad expression. A quick glance at any fashion magazine will reveal the importance of beauty and youthful appearance in our society. The workplace has also become more youth oriented and competitive. Men and women in every business need to present a vibrant appearance to improve their chance at success both professionally and personally. It is for these reasons that Dr. Ragh Sastry chooses to offer facial cosmetic rejuvenation and eye surgery at his San Jose and Morgan Hill locations. To balance the demand for modern aesthetic goals, the philosophy of Dr. Sastry also recognizes the effects of facial cosmetic surgery gone too far, as with celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers. Dr. Sastry is often consulted for eye problems arising from aggressive plastic surgery.

Philosophy Eye Care Ragh Sastry MD
Philosophy Eye Care Ragh Sastry MD

Dr. Sastry believes in obtaining the desired results with minimal surgery. He employs a combination of minimally invasive techniques, lasers, and radio frequency technology to achieve uncompromising results. After undergoing facial cosmetic surgery or eye surgery at our San Jose or Morgan Hill locations, patients are able to return to their normal activities usually within a week.

During the consultation, Dr. Sastry carefully listens to the patient’s goals. The patient is encouraged to bring old photos so that he can review the changes that have occurred over time. “It’s about paying attention to the patient’s age, features and underlying structures and planning the surgery accordingly,” says Dr. Sastry. He does not believe in “selling” as many procedures as possible.

Together with the patient Dr. Sastry develops a treatment plan best suited for the patient. This treatment plan may include a combination of microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, facial cosmetic surgery, eyelid surgery, and other eye surgery. For the convenience of our San Jose and Morgan Hill area patients, we are pleased to make these diverse treatments available under one roof.

After meeting Dr. Sastry, you will understand why more and more patients are referring him to their friends. To find out whether facial rejuvenation or cosmetic eye surgery might be right for you, contact the San Jose or Morgan Hill office of Dr. Ragh Sastry today.

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Author: Ragh Sastry MD

Dr. Ragh Sastry received his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from New York University. While at NYU, he also studied art and photography. At the end of his freshman year, he registered for art and theater courses for the summer semester at the University College of London.